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Online Registration For COVID-19 Vaccinations Now Available For Folks Over 60

The Secretaria de Bienestar, has begun online registration for folks over 60 - BE ADVISED, you must have a CURP in order to register. All residents, with temporary or permanent status in Mexico, are assigned a CURP regardless of one's country of origin. Click on the following link to look up your CURP: Unfortunately, if you do not have a CURP, you will not be able to register at this time. Please refer to the above Embassy Advisement regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for US Citizens without a CURP. Please be advised that due to high traffic the website may be over burdened by requests, and may crash. If you attempt to register and have issues with the website, or it crashes, we recommend you continue to attempt to register until your registration is successfully recorded. To to register please click on the following link:

English Instructions For Vaccine Registration

These instructions were prepared on February 2 based on an informational video published by the Mexican government ( For the latest information, please consult the Secretariat of Health’s website ( The U.S. government does not intend to vaccinate U.S. citizens abroad. U.S. citizens may opt to return to the United States to be vaccinated.

1. Open

2. Enter your CURP. In case you don't know it or don't have it on hand, you can check it at Once you have entered your CURP, click Confirmar CURP.

3. Verify your data is correct.

4. Select the option "I want to be vaccinated/Quiero vacunarme.”

5. In case the data does not match, press "Return" and confirm the CURP data that you entered.

6. Select the State (entidad) and City (municipio) where you are currently living. The purpose of this question is to register to receive the vaccine at the nearest vaccination center.

7. Add the zip code (codigo postal).

8. Enter your telephone number (teléfono) - either yours or your family's. Make sure you can receive telephone calls at this number.

9. In contact notes (Notas de Contacto) you may add more details, such as the time you prefer to be called or if the phone belongs to a family member or friend.

10. Click "Submit/Enviar.”

11. Click "Save/Guardar” to complete your registration.

12. After registering, wait for a government employee to call you. They will provide you with the date and place where you can go to be vaccinated.

13. Remember, nobody should ask you for money or bank details; the vaccination is free.

14. The website is available from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Sunday.


1. Arrive at your vaccination center 15 minutes in advance, you only have to bring your official identification, such as your INE credential. 2. Report to the nation's servers, they will register your attendance so you can go to the waiting area. 3. The health personnel will give you the vaccine. You will go to the observation area for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes are over, you can leave the vaccination center. 4. If the vaccine you received is for two doses, they will contact you again to indicate the date and place of the second dose.

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