• Mario Espinoza-Alfaro

Scam Advisory From the Secretaría De Bienestar Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination

In order to mitigate the concerns over fraudulent calls related to access to the COVID-19 vaccine, La Secretaria de Bienestar, has issued the below advisory. The advisory states, that should you receive a phone call from their office, regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, the ONLY information their representatives are authorized to request from you, is the following:

  1. Whether the beneficiary living.

  2. Whether you would you like to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

  3. Whether you have access to transport, to be able to get to the vaccine center nearest to your home.

  4. Whether you are you unable to leave your home, and need the vaccine administered in your home.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from their office, please be advised that they are not authorized to request any other information. If they request information beyond what is listed above, you are advised to hang up immediately, as the call is fraudulent and a scam.

DO NOT SEND ANY DOCUMENTS containing personal information to the caller. These calls should only gather responses to the above questions.

DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS OR SHARE BANK INFORMATION with the caller. Vaccinations are being provided, free, at NO COST to the recipient. Thank you.

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