• Mario Espinoza-Alfaro

U.S. EMBASSY: Weather Update - U.S. Embassy, Mexico (June 2, 2020)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Event:  Mexico’s hurricane season for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific is underway.  The season officially runs until November 30, though historically most cyclones develop between July and October.  Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause life-threatening flash flooding, dangerous winds, treacherous surf and rip currents, and other hazardous conditions.  Torrential rains from these storms can cause flooding hundreds of miles inland, sometimes persisting for several days after the storm has passed or dissipated.

In the aftermath of a storm, there might be widespread damage to infrastructure (such as roads, electricity, water supply, and phone and internet service) and serious shortages of habitable accommodations, food, water, and medical facilities.  Storms can result in airport closures or limited flight availability due to runway or terminal damage and a shortage of electricity.  U.S. citizens in affected regions might face delays returning home and could even need to stay in emergency shelters with limited food, water, medicine, and other supplies.  These shelters may be subject to additional limitations because of sanitary protocols in place due to COVID-19.  Difficulties returning home could be exacerbated by local COVID-19 travel restrictions and reduced flight schedules during this hurricane season.

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