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Missy Holden recipient of 2020 Cherry Pie Award

On Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 the ABS held their Annual General Meeting and celebrated its 152 year anniversary and its traditional Cherry Pie Festival. The event was held at the residence of the ABS's Honorary President, Ambassador Landau and Mrs. Laundau, who graciously welcomed the ABS community into their home.

Missy Holden was honored as the recipient of the annual Cherry Pie Award, the organization's highest honor.

ABS Board of Directors President, Mr. Bill Biese, presided over the meeting during which he provided the President of the Board of Directors Report. He was followed by Mr. Robert Sonnenberger, who presented the Treasurer of the Board of Directors Report and results for year ended December 31st 2019, and Executive Director, Mrs. Aliki Elias, who delivered her report. Mrs. Elias took to opportunity to thank Lic. Carlos Madrid Varela, outgoing President of the Junta de Asistencia Privada del DF, for his years of service and constant support of the ABS, and welcomed Lic. Fernando Balzaretti Ramirez, wishing him well on his appointment as President of the Junta de Asistencia Privada del DF.

The event also saw the nomination, and appointment and ratification of the Board of Directors by the Nominating Committee chaired by 1st Vice President Mrs. Frances Huttanus (see full list below), and the approval of minutes for the February 22, 2019 Annual Meeting.

Our Guest speaker, Ruben Goldberg, President of the Board of the Centro Medico ABC, spoke about the important relationship and history between the two institutions.

Ambassador Landau closed the annual meeting with a wonderful speech about the history of both our nations and our Institution, as well as the important work the ABS does for the American Community in Mexico. He then presented the Annual Cherry Pie Award to long time ABS member and volunteer Missy Holden.

Board Member Appointments and Ratifications

Proprietary Members for a 3-year term

Robert Sonnenberger

Katherine Miller

Cynthia Kaplan

Doug Hall

Propriety Members for a 1-year term:

Missy Holden

Lynn Sasser

Gwen Rianhard

Rosa Pisinger

Board Advisors for a 1-year term

Pedro De Koster

Carl Koller

Sandra Ochoa

Vicky Silvan

US Embassy Representative

Propriety Members for a 2-year term

Bill Biese

Frances Huttanus

Michelle Beltran

Frances Bruton

Alternate Board Members for a 1-year term

Olaf Carrera

Kathleen Clement

Pattie Hogan

Erik Markeset

Matthew Seddon

Nancy Stich

Molly Trainor

And The ABS Cherry Pie Award Goes To ... Missy Holden

Every year, at our Annual Meeting and Cherry Pie Festival, The American Benevolent Society recognizes a member of our community for the amazing work they do in the spirit of our mission. While the decision is always difficult, Missy's decades-long service to our community made the selection process a little easier this year.

Missy, who was born in Mexico, has spent the last 50-plus years as a volunteer and as an active member of the philanthropic community, all while raising three children, Jennifer, Jimmitos, and Sharon, and being a beloved grandmother to 6 grand children.While Missy has worked with many different organizations and causes, her service with the intellectually disabled community has a special place in her heart for a very personal reason. You see, when Jimmitos was born, Missy and her husband Jimmy, learned their son was born with an intellectual disability. It was through her personal experience as a loving mother that she realized the need for support for families like hers. This inspired much of her work and strengthened her dedication to helping others.

Included among the many organizations she has worked with over the years are: Vista Hermosa Grupo Tecnico: she started a program in which children with intellectual and physical disabilities were able to attend a traditional school, interact with all students during recess and diverse school events, and were taught from a curriculum suited to them. Children at the Grupo Tecnico graduate when they are 18 years old, just like any child in High School. Capy’s: she worked to procure funds for a learning center where children with intellectual and physical disabilities could develop the skills needed to become self-sufficient adults, by teaching and empowering them to become financially and personally independent with supervision. American Benevolent Society: has served as a board member for over 15 years. Pink Lady at the ABC Hospital: continues to volunteer as a Pink Lady after over 25 years, where she served as president from 2003-2005. She has also served with the following organizations:

Club Clinica Amistad and Brimex Nautico Avandaro Member of the Christ Church Guild Member of the British Benevolent Society Please join us in congratulating Missy for her amazing commitment to our community.

You can watch videos from the event at our YouTube page.

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