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The ABS delivered nearly 3,000 services to people in need in 2021

Table of Services Delivered

In our 153rd year, 2021, the ABS reported that we provided 2,968 services to Americans and Mexicans in the Mexico City area — more than 11 services per business day.

In our annual report to the Junta de Assistance Privada (JAP), the agency that supervises non-profit organizations, we enumerated our services delivered as follows: economic help, 585 services; events, 418 services; social welfare services, 1,286 services; and funerary services, 679 services. The ABS owns and operates the American Cemetery (Panteon Americano).

The purpose of the American Benevolent Society is to provide temporary financial and medical aid and assistance as well as social welfare services and psychological support to Americans in Mexico City in need of aid and assistance. Our bylaws require that at least 25% of the people served by us are Mexican nationals.

Thanksgiving dinner recipients
Many beneficiaries of The ABS received Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Pinche Gringo restaurante.

“Unfortunately due to Covid, the number of funeral services we delivered was higher than normal in 2021, and the number of event services was lower due to our greatly reduced schedule of in-person events,” said Bill Biese, president of the board of the ABS.

Almost all of the event services can be accounted for by the ABS Health Fair in which we delivered vaccines to 255 people.

ABS will hold two in-person public events in May, our annual Cherry Pie Festival at the U. S. Ambassador’s residence and a Mother’s Day luncheon on May 18 at Christ Church.

The festival is open only to members of the ABS. Unfortunately, we can no longer add guests to the invitation list.

The ABS is a non-profit organization and donations and membership fees provided to the ABS are tax deductible.


Picture of beneficiary of ABS services
Silvia, a 90-year-old beneficiary of The ABS cares for her 65-year-old disabled daughter. She receives a small pension from The ABS and legal advice. She is shown with Ernesto Ibarra, our legal advisor.

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