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The American Benevolent Society's highest honor to the Clinica Brimex at Centro Medico ABC

The ABS delivers more than 3000 services each year to American Citizens including more than 500 welfare calls and visits.

BECOME A MEMBER AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER to stay in touch with the American Community in Mexico City. Sloan Starke and her children enjoyed hot dogs, baked beans and Pinche Gringo potato salad and coleslaw at our 4th of July celebraton. 


The ABS opened its doors on Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1868. Its purpose: "To support American citizens of good behavior, that due to illness are unable to work or that might be in a bad financial condition."

At that first meeting 25 members paid $2 apiece to help carry out the mission of The ABS. We continue to rely upon membership dues and donations to carry out our work.

In this gallery we highlight a few of our beneficiaries.

Voter Assistance

Staff and volunteers of The ABS have been trained by the Federal Voting Assistance Program ( We offer in-person, telephone, email, and Zoom assistance to American citizens in:


  •  Voter Registration and Address Change

  • Absentee Ballot Request

  • Absentee Ballot Return

  • Problems with voting


FVAP recommends that all Americans living abroad submit a registration/ballot request form called an FPCA every year


PHOTO: Seventeen-year-olds who will turn 18 by election day can register to vote.


A final resting place for U. S. and Mexican citizens

The American Cemetery | Panteon Americano was founded by The ABS in 1898 as a final resting place for Americans living in Mexico City. The cemetery is open to the public from 8 am to 4 pm 365 days. Walking through the cemetery you will find Mexican and U. S. citizens lying side by side for eternity. Calzada Mexico-Tacuba 115, Miguel Hidalgo

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Aliki Elias_edited.jpg

Aliki Elias

Executive Director

Angela Camacho_edited.jpg

Angela Camacho

Social Services Manager

Eduardo Ramirez_edited.jpg

Eduardo Ramirez

Admin. & Social Services Asst.

Ernesto Ibarra_edited.jpg

Ernesto Ibarra

Legal Advisor

Pablo Otero_edited.jpg

Pablo Otero


Dr Ricardo Rojas_edited.jpg

Ricardo Rojas


Directors and Advisors


U. S. Ambassador Ken Salazar, Honorary President

Bill Biese, President

Frances Huttanus, 1st Vice-President

Doug Hall, 2nd Vice-President

Robert Sonnenberger, Treasurer

Rosa Pisinger, Secretary

Missy Holden

Carol Cruz

Sloane Starke

Pedro De Koster

Carl Koller

Sandra Ochoa

Adel Goldschmied

Andrew Guenthner

Michelle Beltran

Dan DeFossey

Cynthia Kaplan

Gail Gipford

Olaf Carrera

Kathleen Clement

Pattie Hogan

US Embassy Representative

Nancy Stich

Molly Trainor

John Hyatt

Ernesto Ibarra

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